Car Seats

  • infant in an orange onesie being buckled into an infant car seat

    5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Car Seat

    Shopping for the perfect car seat? We have five helpful car seat shopping tips to make your life easier, including picking car seat sizes and more.

  • The Coral XP Infant Car Seat Is a Parenting Game Changer

    The Coral XP Infant Car Seat Is a Parenting Game Changer

    Here are 6 reasons to love the new Coral XP Infant Carrier! See how the Coral XP can help make that first year with baby easier. Originally posted on The Bump.

  • Booster Seat 101

    Booster Seat 101

    Your little one is suddenly not so little and they're ready to graduate from car seat to booster seat. This is a whole new world and we're here to help you navigate it!

  • How to Carry an Infant Carrier

    How to Carry an Infant Carrier

    We all know that infant carriers aren't the most comfortable things to carry, especially when they've got a baby inside. We've got two alternatives to the traditional arm cradle that hopefully can save your back from any harm!
  • mom placing at newborn baby in infant car seat

    Pre-Hospital Checklist

    You’ve got so much to keep straight at this point in your pregnancy, it’s probably getting overwhelming. With your due date creeping closer, here’s a few things you might forget to do before you’re heading to the hospital.
  • How to Prepare for Baby Number Two

    How to Prepare for Baby Number Two

    Time for round two, because no matter how crazy tired you are from surviving baby number one, there’s also nothing cuter than your little one. Read on for our tips to help your family grow!
  • A smiling child sitting in a car seat

    How to Clean Your Child’s Car Seat

    When you spend so much time in the car, your child’s car seat is going to be prime real estate for a mess of epic proportions. We've got the tips and tricks to make cleaning a breeze.
  • Plane wing over sunset clouds

    Tips for Flying with Kids

    Air travel provides a whole host of unknowns that can throw a wrench into your plan for a smooth trip. With the right preparation, and a sprinkle of luck, flying with your children can be simple (and maybe even fun!)
  • Little girl smiling while sitting in car seat

    When Do Car Seats Expire?

    You might be asking - why would a car seat expire? It’s not a carton of milk or a can of soup – it shouldn’t go bad, right? But just like that carton of milk, your car seat is only good up until a certain point.