Magical Tales™ 


Using high-contrasting colors and bold graphics, the Magical Tales™ Collection creates a classic black and white nursery that nurtures development and inspires babies to explore, learn and grow.

Meet our Tiny Pioneers

Christopher the Fox

I'm adventurous and a good friend to all the Tiny Pioneers. I encourage everybody to imagine, dream and wonder!

Florence the Fawn

I'm outgoing, social and like to take care of my friends. There's nothing I like better than gazing up at the stars!

Marie the Hedgehog

I love to spend my time asking questions about the world and finding the answers!

Marco the Raccoon

My friends say that I'm smart, kind and always in the mood for fun! They come to me when they feel like a good laugh.

Isaac the Bear

I am really curious and love to use my imagination. I love climbing my favorite apple trees. When I get to the top, I drop apples down to my friends so they can enjoy them too. They have to be careful, those apples fall fast!

Nikola the Badger

I love exploring the natural world around me – the trees, the ground, and the sky above me. My favorite hobby is making inventions out of things I find. My friends love my inventions!

Designed to Nurture Newborns' Development