RodiSport Booster Car Seat

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The RodiSport Booster Car Seat is designed to be the last car seat your child needs with the ability to transform from a traditional booster car seat to a backless booster. That means your not-so-little one can continue to ride protected and comfortably until they’re big enough to sit in the back seat without the extra boost up. The 1-hand headrest adjustment with 7 height positions helps you keep up with growth spurts, and the multiple recline positions offer your little one added comfort whether you’re out running errands or on an epic road trip. Vehicle shoulder and lap belt guides make it easier for your big kid to buckle themselves, which gives them a sense of independence and you a bit of freedom. Fits children 40–100 lbs. and 43"–57". 

Item Number: BC152-MC-US-EN

How many options are there with this seat?

It is a 2-in-1 seat. To easily turn the RodiSport from a booster seat to a backless booster, just recline the car seat back until you hear two clicks and lift the back from the seat.

Are there adjustable options?

Featuring a 7-position headrest and recline adjust options for more comfort and a better fit in your vehicle.

How easy is this to install?

With our rigid LATCH connectors, the seat installs easily and stays in a fixed position, so the seat remains secure.
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Premium Details

  1. Belt-Positioning Booster
    Belt-Positioning Booster
    Keeps children safe from 40 to 100 pounds and up to 57"
  2. 2-in-1 Seat
    2-in-1 Seat
    Remove the back support and quickly turn the car seat into a backless booster
  3. Adjustable Height
    Adjustable Height
    7-position, one-hand headrest adjustment for a better fit
  4. Child Friendly Design
    Child Friendly Design
    Easy-to-use vehicle shoulder and lap belt guides that help keep belt properly positioned
  5. Recline Options
    Recline Options
    Multiple recline positions for added comfort and a better fit in vehicle
  6. Easy, Fast, Secure Install
    Easy, Fast, Secure Install
    Rigid LATCH connectors provide the easiest, quickest installation and ensure the seat stays in a fixed position in the vehicle
  7. Easy to Clean
    Easy to Clean
    Removeable padding is machine washable and dryer safe

2-in-1 Seat

Your little one isn’t so little anymore and it’s time for a bigger car seat. Having a booster with the versatility you need is of the essence. That’s where the RodiSport comes in. It’s a belt-positioning booster and a backless booster seat – together as one

2-in-1 Seat

Ease of Use

The RodiSport, designed for children from 40-100lbs, gives your child the opportunity to buckle themselves in with the easy-to-use vehicle shoulder and lap belt guides that help keep the belt properly positioned. The 7-position, one-hand headrest adjust grows with your child and recline adjustment provides premium comfort. When another growth spurt makes way, you can remove the back and quickly turn the seat into a backless booster.

Ease of Use

Easy Install

With our rigid LATCH connectors, the seat installs easily and stays in a fixed position, so the seat remains secure.

Easy Install