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Emme™ 360 Installation video

Need Additional Installation Assistance?

We know that parents and caregivers want to feel confident that they've installed their new car seat properly. To help bring you peace of mind, we offer free live video chat sessions with our licensed technicians to guide you as you install your child's car seat. Contact our Customer Support to schedule an appointment. 

Still Have Questions?

Click here to download the Emme 360™ User Guide for help with any of the following topics.

  • How to achience Tight Installation
  • How to achieve proper Belt Tension
  • How to install the Emme 360 using Vehicle Latch
  • How to change the headrest height and recline modes
  • How to rotate the seat
  • How to tighten the harness
  • How to release the magnetic chest clip
  • Recommended height and weight information for Rear-Facing, Forward-Facing, and Booster Seat modes
  • Accessory Use
  • Care Instructions


Q: Can I install the seat on either side of the car?

A: Yes, the car seat rotates 360° to enable installation on either side of the car.


Q: Can I install the seat in the center seat position of the back seat? 

A: Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to see if they allow car seat installation in the middle seating position OR contact Dorel Juvenile Group Consumer Care Department.


Q: Why is there a connection cord and what does it do?

A: The attached connection cord ensures that the base and cord must be used together when installed. This car seat meets or exceeds all federal safety standards and is National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compliant. 


Q: I've just unboxed my Maxi-Cosi Emme 360 and it won't rotate. What could be causing this?

A: After you have unboxed your Emme 360, please make sure to have the tether strap un-tucked before trying to rotate it. If the tether strap is not untucked, it may get stuck and prevent the car seat from rotating.