How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Toddler

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Toddler

Everyone warns new parents – ‘They’re only little for so long!’ and ‘Enjoy it while it lasts!’ – but that’s easier said than done. Between day care drop-off and work, cooking and cleaning, spending quality time with your little one seems to take a back seat to keeping them safe and healthy. But quality time doesn’t have to mean a trip to Disney Land or a day at the science museum – sometimes all you need is you, your little, and the desire to spend time together, to create those treasured childhood memories. Here are some ideas to help you spend more quality time with your toddler.  

Make dinner together.

Give them a spot in the kitchen, strapped in their high chair or just standing on a stool next to you, and give them their own task. It could be as simple as putting the scraps in the bin, but they’ll love to be included. Turn a daily chore for you into a fun bonding experience with your toddler. And maybe they’ll eat all their veggies if they helped cook dinner.  

Play outside.

Take advantage of beautiful weather when it happens and get outside with your LO. Whatever chores you’ve got lined up can wait until you’re back. Whether it’s a stroll around the neighborhood or a bike ride at a local park, take the time to marvel at the world around you with your little.  

Have a family game night.

While your toddler might not be ready to play Scrabble or Clue with you just yet, playing games together can still be a fun time for all. Teach them junior versions of your favorite card games or break out family-friendly classics like Hungry, Hungry Hippo or Candyland. Giggling together over board games will be a core memory for your little one growing up.  

Create a special ritual.

From reading a book together every night to playing soccer in the backyard every weekend, find something your toddler loves and do it together. Having dedicated one-on-one time with you gives them something to look forward to and something special to bond over.  

Follow their lead.

Your toddler spends most of their time being told what to do, or more specifically, what not to do. Change it up once in a while by doing whatever they want to do (within reason, of course). Let them call the shots, even if all they want to do is run in circles for fifteen minutes straight. All the better for you if it sends them straight into their afternoon nap. 

Planning a big adventure is always fun, but your toddler just wants to spend time with you. Even the tiniest moments are magic to your growing tot. No matter what you’re doing, in the house or out, it’ll always be quality time together.  

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