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PureCosi™, Pure Impact

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The amount of baby gear you can add to your baby registry has grown exponentially over the last few decades. With so many great products and brands out there, making decisions for your little ones can be overwhelming, but it also means you can find gear that works for your lifestyle and your values. Protecting our children and the future of our planet are big priorities for parents today. That’s why we created PureCosi™: a complete collection of car seat fashions that no longer require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals. 

Without Added Fire-Retardants

We know that carrying the future means protecting your little one, so we developed car seats that meet flammability standards through material choices instead of added chemicals. PureCosi™ fabrics are made without wool or added fire retardant treatment (and they’re still removable and machine washer- and-dryer-safe for easy cleaning).  

More Sustainable

PureCosi™ is just the beginning of our journey to take care of the environment. By removing wool and added fire retardant treatments from our design process, we’re able to reduce the accumulation of PBDEs and PFAs, two common types of fire retardants, in the environment, one car seat at a time. Our commitment to PureCosi™ extends beyond the production process to company policies and practices that we require all third-party manufacturing partners to follow. We’re working towards the most sustainable dyeing processes for the majority of our colorways to conserve both energy and water resources.  

Still Safe and Cozy

With all these changes, however, the safety and integrity of our car seats hasn’t changed. All PureCosi™ seats have the plush materials and cozy fabrics the rest of our car seats are known for. And don’t worry about safety – you can drive easy knowing your PureCosi™ seat meets all the same safety standards you’re used to.  

Explore the complete collection and join us on our journey to more eco-friendly parenting.