Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources

Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy or an infant can be isolating. The grief you’re carrying is unimaginable to those who haven’t been in your shoes. But know this: You are not alone. Processing your grief and getting support is crucial to begin the healing process. There is no one way to deal with loss, but here are a few coping methods to help you start to find your way when you’re experiencing loss. 

Connect with Others

No matter how alone you might be feeling, there’s a whole community waiting for you to reach out. Friends and family who are there for you with hugs, home-cooked meals, and a shoulder to cry on. Counselors to help you process your grief and learn how to move forward. Support groups with parents who have gone through what you’re experiencing now, either in person or online through community-based apps like Peanut. Sharing your story and finding a community can help make your loss just a little bit easier to bear.  

Allow Yourself to Feel

No two grieving processes are the same. It’s completely normal to want to take all those painful feelings, lock them away, and ignore them. That might make life easier to manage in the short term, but acknowledging those feelings is the first step towards healing. On the other hand, you might be crying every single day. That’s normal too. Either way, let yourself float through your emotions, and remember that although you won’t ever fully forget, it will get easier. 

Take Care of Yourself

Anyone who has gone through a traumatic loss will tell you it’s easy to lose yourself to grief. Tending to your basic needs (eating, sleeping) and treating yourself to some self-care (a cup of tea or a glass of wine before bed) won't dishonor your loss. Taking care of yourself physically will help you heal emotionally. 

Remember Your Baby

Many parents look for a way to commemorate the loss of a pregnancy or their infant to ease their pain and provide closure. Consider creating a piece of artwork to honor your baby or holding a proper funeral service to say goodbye. Do what you and your partner need to help you grieve. You have the right to remember your baby however you’d like to.  

There’s no one way to deal with loss, but we hope these resources will help you through your healing process. There’s a whole community of parents out there who have been through it, not to mention the friends and family who love and support you. At Maxi-Cosi, we’re here for you too. 

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