Style Spotlight: Our Favorite Zelia2 and Zelia2 Max Fashions

Style Spotlight: Our Favorite Zelia2 and Zelia2 Max Fashions

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your car seat and stroller as your little one grows. Travel systems make finding the best gear for you a little bit easier. Once you’ve found the perfect travel system, you’ve still got one more decision to make: the fashion (A.K.A the print, or color). Our new Zelia2 and Zelia2 Max Travel Systems come in a variety of styles, which means we have something for every parent. If you’re considering the Zelia2 , use this guide to figure out which fashion suits your style. 

Tetra Graphite

When it comes to having your life together, you’re leagues ahead. For you, scheduling is an art form. Your mom friends look to you to bring the playdate snacks. You're always the first person friends call in a crisis, and you always look good doing it. The Tetra Graphite Zelia2 Max is as timeless and reliable as you are.   

Tetra Blue

Calm, cool, dependable blue. Did you know that blue is the most common favorite color? It’s also the most serene – just like your easy breezy personality. Keep everybody happy – from parents to little ones – with the Tetra Blue Zelia2 Max.  

Midnight Black

Everyone knows black goes with everything in your wardrobe, so why not extend that rule to your baby gear? Classy chic is your style in all aspects of your life. Black matches everything, and it stays clean the longest, so total win! The Midnight Black Zelia2 is simple in the best way, in the back seat or out on the town. 

Radish Ruby

To you, there’s nothing better than being the center of attention – leading a group project at work, storming the dance floor at weddings. The Radish Ruby Zelia2 matches your vibrant way of life. Being a parent doesn’t mean losing that confident spark. Quite the opposite: It means new ways to show it off. 

Spring Meadow

You’re forever a kid at heart whose main wish in life is for every day with your little cherubs to be fun. Yes, there are doctor’s visits and arguments about vegetables, but as an eternal optimist, your catchphrase is ‘Life’s a party!’ Wherever you’re out in the world, keep it fun with the Spring Meadow Zelia2

And there’s more. Check out our full range of trendy styles in both the Zelia2 and Zelia2 Max Travel Systems 

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