Nesting During Pregnancy: Preparing for Baby

Nesting During Pregnancy: Preparing for Baby

Did you wake up one morning during your third trimester with the impulse to color code the baby’s bookshelf, organize the nursery closet, and prep every corner of the house for baby’s arrival? Welcome to your nesting phase, mama! Expectant mothers may feel the instinct to clean, organize, and get their home ready for their newborn, during the final few weeks of pregnancy. This is nesting. Nesting typically starts as you’re nearing your due date. If you don’t feel any sort of rush to clean or organize, that’s totally normal too. Whether or not the nesting instinct hits you, make the most of life before it’s too hectic to even find matching socks. Here are a few last-minute steps to take when you’re getting ready to bring home an infant. 

Finish the Nursery

The most important thing you should turn your nesting energy towards is your LO’s nursery. You’ve most likely already chosen your theme and gotten the big stuff out of the way – painting, putting together the crib, laying out the rug. Now is the time to finish off the nursery and focus on the details. Is the changing table fully stocked and ready to use? Have you gone through all the tiny clothes you got at your baby shower? Do you have a bassinet for the first few months when you’ll want baby sleeping within arm’s reach? Ask yourself these questions to make sure the nursery is in tip-top shape. 

Prep for the Hospital

Turn your organizational vigor towards your impending hospital visit. Pack your hospital bag full of everything you’ll need pre- and post-delivery and everything your little one will need for their first trip home. Make sure you’ve sorted out whatever needs to be ready before you leave for the hospital. From pet care to insurance calls to car seat installation, there’s a lot to get done! 

Do Laundry

Use your last few weeks minus baby to clean all the linens you can find – bedroom sheets, duvet cover, pillow shams, living room blankets, guest room sheets. If it can go in the washing machine, wash it! Once you bring baby home, your machines will be so filled with blown-out onesies and spit-up stains, there won’t be room for anything else. 

Stock Up on Food

Do a grocery run for quick bites and five-minute meals. Once baby arrives, the exhaustion will set in, and dinner will go from your favorite recipes to shoving a waffle in your mouth in between all those baby feedings. Stock up on non-perishables to hoard in the pantry and easy frozen foods to heat up in a snap. You’ll thank yourself when anything more than pushing some microwave buttons sounds impossible. 

Clean Up Messes

Milk-encrusted bottles and dirty diapers will soon pile up in your home. So before that happens, grab a few trash bags, a broom, some determination, and clean out the areas you’ve been meaning to since last spring. Go through the linen closets, organize the front hallway, clean out the guest room that’s turned into storage – whatever mess catches your eye. If you’re really in a cleaning frenzy, call on your friends and family for help. Host a cleaning party and take advantage of the help if you run out of energy and would rather sit and supervise. 

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