Simple Ways to Go Green: A Mom's Sustainability Checklist

Simple Ways to Go Green: A Mom's Sustainability Checklist

Originally posted by Mindful Momma Bear on her blog in collaboration with Maxi-Cosi.

Let’s Talk Going Green. 

Our family isn’t perfect, but we have slowly been making little switches in our house to try and be more green. One of them being with our kids car seats. Did you know that most car seats have fire retardant chemicals?! Fire retardants are not only harmful for babies because of the toxins, but they are also harmful for the environment. 

One of our favorite sustainable car seats is the Maxi-Cosi PureCosi Mico XP Max. Their new fabric, PureCosi, meets flammability standards without the use of added fire-retardant chemicals. That means baby is protected from toxins while reducing the accumulation of PBDE’s and PFAD in the environment! They meet flammability standards through material and design choice, not with added chemicals. The seats are also made with high quality fabric and they are removable and washable (that’s a must when you have messy kids)! 

Being more conscious of the way your kids products are made and what they are made with is just one way you can work towards being more sustainable. 

Ways Your Family Can Go Green

  • Use reusable straws 
  • Drink from a refillable water bottle 
  • Shut off lights and electronics when they’re not in use 
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth to save water 
  • Skip disposable cups, plates, and utensils 
  • Shop with reusable bags 
  • Compost food scraps 
  • Make your own baby food (and use glass jars) 
  • Buy sustainable/non-toxic/BPA Free kids products (furniture, car seats, mattress, etc.) 
  • Use cloth diapers or bamboo made 
  • Say “no” to fire-retardant chemicals 
  • Ride a bike, walk, or carpool with friends to cutdown on carbon pollution 
  • Hang a birdhouse or bee habitat in your backyard to protect pollinators and keep your local ecosystem healthy 
  • Recycle 
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