Move with Maxi-Cosi: 4 Indoor Exercises for the Whole Family

Move with Maxi-Cosi: 4 Indoor Exercises for the Whole Family

Winter isn’t over yet, no matter how much we might be craving sunshine and longer days. While spring is on the way, for now we’re still in the thick of cold weather. But even if you’re stuck inside it’s important for both you and your littles to get moving.  Here are four indoor workouts the whole family will love. 

1. Have a Dance Party 

There’s nothing better to a hyperactive toddler than being given permission to go wild, with parental supervision of course. Clear out the living room, turn on their favorite tunes, and get groovy. No dance skills required, just let loose and shake it out. At the end of the day, moving is moving, and who doesn’t like to dance their heart out like no one’s watching? (No one except your tiny tots, that is.) 

2. Practice Yoga

While it might be unreasonable to expect your little ones to make it through the same 45-minute classes you’re used to, they can still enjoy practicing their own version of yoga poses, which has many benefits for kids and adults alike. Yoga gets your kids moving, stretching and balancing, while hopefully tempering their extra energy a bit too. Whether you’re following a guided practice on YouTube or pulling poses out of a hat, yoga is a great way to bond with littles while finding your center. 

3. TV & Move

If you can’t beat them, join them. Everybody gets the best of both worlds – TV time and exercise. During each commercial break, give your little one a new exercise to try, ‘drop and give me 20!’ style. Keep a repertoire of different activities your children can use to pass the time during the commercials– run in place, jumping jacks, the options are as boundless as your kiddo’s spirit. 

4. Take Playground Favorites Inside

Remember school recess and all your favorite playground games? They can be at-home friendly too. Hopscotch, jump rope, follow the leader, crab walks and more, are all fun for kids with minimal risk of breaking anything in the house. But we still recommend putting your favorite vase in the cabinet for this one – just to be safe. 

No matter how you move, staying active is good for your health – both mind and body. Whether you’re at home or you prefer outdoor winter activitiesget everyone in the family involved for precious together time.

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