How to Travel with Baby

How to Travel with Baby

There’s nothing quite like taking your baby on their first trip – whether you’re taking a quick drive a few towns over or you’re flying halfway across the world, being able to show your little one just a small piece of the world we live in is amazing … even if they might not remember the trip. What matters is that you will! So satisfy your wanderlust and start showing your baby the world as soon as you’re comfortable! Baby’s first anything comes with boatloads of anxiety, so here’s some quick tips to help you plan out your first trip with your little one:

Flying with baby:

- ‘Medically-required’ liquids do NOT have to adhere to the less than 100 ml rule – you can bring what you will need, so long as you alert TSA before screening that you have them.

- Make sure your infant seat is FAA-approved and will fit in the place seat properly (you don’t want to have carried it with you all the way to the plane before learning it just won’t fit!)

- Give baby a bottle or pacifier to suck on during take-off and landing to help with the pressure changes. You can’t tell your little one to yawn or chew to help their ears, so the sucking motion is the next best thing.

- Gate check your stroller (if you’re bringing one). That way you can use it to cart your little one, and a bunch of stuff, through the airport and don’t have to risk sending it under with the rest of your luggage.

toddler holding a sippy cup being chased by mother in parktoddler holding a sippy cup being chased by mother in park

Baby at your destination:

woman pushing stroller in carriage mode in parkwoman pushing stroller in carriage mode in park

- Depending on the hotel/vacation home/family you’re staying with, there might be baby supplies available to you when you arrive, so check ahead to see what you do and do not need to bring with you and what you’ll need to reserve ahead of time.

- Babyproof the hotel – especially if your little one is starting to crawl or move around independently.

- Ship essentials to the hotel – don’t pack a lifetime supply of diapers when you can order enough for the trip directly to the hotel/house.

- Once you’re in the hotel, set up a diaper changing station so you don’t have to scramble for what you need when it’s go time.

Scheduling with Baby:

- When your baby is still very young, as long as they’re comfortable, they won’t have any concerns about your plans for the day – you can spend all afternoon staring at one painting for all they care, so live your best life!

- Baby needs naps! And will take naps, whenever and wherever. While you should plan for a hotel nap, taking one or two stroller snoozes isn’t going to be the end of the world.

- Know when it’s time to bail. Sometimes whatever you’re doing just isn’t what’s meant to be – if there’s no recovering the situation, head back to your home base to recharge for a little bit.

baby feet in infant car seatbaby feet in infant car seat
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