Tips for Traveling with Your Baby

Tips for Traveling with Your Baby

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There’s nothing quite like baby’s first vacation. Whether you’re driving through a state or two to visit family or flying halfway across the globe, being able to take your little one to a new part of the world is a wonderful feeling. With things returning to normal more and more here in the US (fingers crossed), travel is back. If your child was born in 2020, they’ve only known what’s close to home, so satisfy your wanderlust and show your baby the world (as soon as you’re comfortable). Baby’s-first-anything comes with unknowns, so we prepared some tips to help you in the air, at the hotel, and out and about with your little one. 

In the Air

  • You can bring more than 100 ml of ‘medically-required’ liquids like formula, breast milk, or juice. Just remove them from your carry-on and alert TSA while going through security so they can be screened separately. 
  • Make sure your infant car seat is FAA-approved and will fit properly in the plane seat. Nobody wants to carry their seat all the way through the airport just to learn it won’t fit. 
  • Give your baby a bottle, pacifier, or teether to suck on during take-off and landing to help with the pressure change. You can’t tell your little one to yawn or chew to help their ears, so the suckling motion is the next best thing. 
  • If you’re bringing a stroller, check it at the gate rather than at the initial luggage check. You’ll be able to move your baby (and whatever you can fit in the storage basket) through the airport with way more ease. Some airlines give you the stroller back when you land so you can use it to wheel your little one to baggage claim and beyond.  

At Your Destination

  • Depending on where you’re staying, there may be baby supplies or gear available to you. Call ahead to see what your resort has to offer and reserve what you want. 
  • Babyproof your hotel room. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your little one takes a break from exploring. Prevent them from getting into places they shouldn’t. 
  • Instead of packing an extra suitcase full of supplies, make a list of items you can buy at your destination, like diapers or formula. Only bring enough to get you through your travel day.  
  • Once you’re in the hotel, set up a diaper changing station, so you don’t have to scramble for what you need when it’s go-time. 

Out and About

  • Live your best life. When your child is still little, they won’t have many concerns about your plans. As long as they’re comfortable, you can spend all afternoon wandering through that art museum. 
  • Naptime is essential – luckily your little one can probably nap whenever and wherever. While you should plan for naps back at the hotel, one or two stroller snoozes mean you can explore while baby gets some rest. 
  • Know when it’s time to bail. Sometimes whatever you’re doing just isn’t meant to be. If a tantrum breaks out and there’s no coming back from it, head to your home base and recharge for a bit before going back out for take two. 

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