How to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read

How to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read

These days, so much is vying for your little one’s attention – puzzles, toys, TV, video games – that it can be difficult for a simple book to come out victorious. But reading has been shown to have so many benefits for children’s development, you might want to give your little one a nudge in the literary direction. Reading stories can help your child develop a larger vocabulary, succeed in school, teach them about the world around them, and grasp difficult topics and different perspectives. But how do you get your little ones interested in reading? There are lots of ways to encourage your child to read – here are some tips to get you started.  

Start reading to them early. Even your newborn can benefit from hearing you read aloud. When they’re still tiny, you don’t have to stick to baby books – just read whatever you’re reading out loud. Exposing them to a wide variety of vocabulary as an infant directly impacts their later language development. So get them cozy in their rocker, open your favorite book, and tell them stories of lands far away.  

Be a read-model. As your baby grow up and becomes aware of you, show them the pleasures of reading. Keep a book handy to read during downtime. Your little monkey-see, monkey-do is prone to copying whatever you’re doing, so model positive reading habits.  

Read together every day. Whether it’s a part of your bedtime routine or the middle of the day when you both need some quiet time, having that bonding experience will encourage them to read.  

Don’t limit yourself to traditional books. You might have your heart set on cultivating a library full of classic children’s books and favorites from your own childhood, but your child might have different ideas. If classic books aren’t grabbing their attention, there are many other wonderful options to try – audiobooks, poetry, graphic novels, comic books – storytelling and reading come in many forms.  

Take trips to your local library. The library is a magical place (remember Matlida?) where your little one can choose their own books to read. Giving them the autonomy to decide for themselves will help to keep them interested in reading. After all, reading is more fun when you like what you’re reading. 

Books can teach your little ones about the world around them in their earliest days and unpack important but complex topics. Do you have any other tips you use to encourage your children to read? Share with us @MaxiCosiUSA

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