How to Fold a Maxi-Cosi Stroller

How to Fold a Maxi-Cosi Stroller

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You found the stroller of your dreams, got it all set up, and you’re ready to head out on your next adventure (babes in tow). You just need to get it in the car first. Anyone can lose the manual or leave it at home when you need it most. If you’ve got an open stroller on your hands with no clue how to fold it, we’ve compiled a how-to for each of our Maxi-Cosi strollers here, so you can be on your way to making memories without another worry.  

  1.  Ensure seat is facing out before folding. 
  2. Adjust recline to the upright position by pulling the tab at the foot of the seat and pushing down. Close canopy. 
  3. Remove storage basket. 
  4. Slide handlebar release in either direction while squeezing fold release button. Lower stroller towards ground. 
  5. Slide handlebar in until locked. 
  1. Slide the stroller frame release button to either the left or right and squeeze the handle adjustment button on the top of the handlebar. Squeeze both until the stroller starts to fold. 
  2. Let go of the stroller release button (still hold the handle adjustment button) and lower the stroller to storage position.  
  3. Lift the rear wheels off the ground and tilt the stroller forward until the frame footrest touches the ground.  
  1. Press the release button and pull the crossbar away from the stroller. 
  2. With the lock and crossbar disengaged, push the top of the stroller forward until the stroller starts to fold. 
  3. Lower the stroller frame until it folds together. 
  4. Push down on the frame so the stroller latch locks into place. 
  1. Close canopy. 
  2. Slide release on handlebar in either direction while squeezing frame fold button. 
  3. Push handlebar forwards and towards the ground. 
  4. Engage fold lock, will click when properly folded. 
  1. Close canopy. 
  2. Press the button while lifting up on the seat recline/fold lever and fold the seat forward. 
  3. Pull up on both handlebar releases and fold the handlebar forward. 
  4. Pull up on frame fold handle and lift upward to fold stroller. 
  5. Latch the frame lock. Stroller with stand when folded.  
  1. Pull the release handle located in the center of the stroller seat up until the stroller starts to fold. 
  2. Life the rear wheels off the ground and tilt the stroller forward until the handle touches the ground.  
  3. Push the stroller frame latch in and push on it to lock the frame.  

Adorra 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

  1. Close canopy, squeeze buttons at the top of the seat together, and push seat forward. 
  2. Slide release mechanism under the seat while squeezing up on frame release button and pull upwards.  
  3. Pull up to fold stroller, fold lock will engage. Stroller will stand when folded. 

Now that your stroller is safely stored in the trunk of your car, it’s time to travel with your babies. Where will you go?