Little girl drinking a juice pouch while sitting in convertible car seat

10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids

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When you think of road trip snacks, you probably picture the aisles of a gas station convenience store with lots of sugary drinks, salty chips, and mountains of candy. What is it about sitting in the car for hours on end that triggers our craving for junk food? But now that we’re parents driving with our littles in the back seat instead of college students on spring break, it’s time to be a bit more snack conscious. Because nobody wants to witness a sugar high while confined within the four doors of your car. We’ve got our 10 favorite road trip snacks for you and your littles to try on your next drive – healthy, mess-free, and delicious! 

1. Granola Bars

A classic staple of on-the-go snacking. Conveniently packaged, tasty, and available in enough flavors to appeal to every picky eater. Sign us right up.

2. String Cheese

There’s just something about getting to play with your food that makes it taste all the better. Normal mozzarella is good and all, but getting to pull it apart before eating it is a definite win for your littles.

3. Fresh Fruit

Fruits like strawberries, grapes, or sliced apples are prime car fruits – bite-sized, help your littles satiate their sweet tooth, and don’t cause a mess. Pass some fruit to the backseat and let your little ones snack to their heart's content.

4. Trail Mix

The perfect marriage of sweet and salty in a single snack. Whether you pick up a pre-made mix at the store or make your own at home, you’re sure to keep everyone sated with a combo of nuts, fruit, and chocolate.

5. Pretzels

Baked, salty goodness! Pretzels come in so many different shapes and flavors that you’ll be able to find something for every flavor palette, no problem. 

6. Yogurt Tubes

Who wants to risk spoons in a moving vehicle? (Certainly not us.) If your children are looking for a non-crunchy snack, pick up some squeezable yogurt tubes for all the flavor and none of the mess.

7. Popcorn

You don’t have to save popcorn for the movies. Look for bags of air popped popcorn at the store or grab a bag of kernels to make yourself. Just go easy on the butter and you’ve got yourself a healthy and delicious snack for everyone in the car.

8. Dried Fruit/Veggie Chips

When fresh fruit isn’t appealing to your littles, try dried fruit or veggie chips as an alternative. Still getting something healthy into the car menu and (bonus) these don’t have to be kept cold, so there’s more room in the cooler.

9. Baked Goods

The options are endless and not just for breakfast. Snacks like muffins or oatmeal bars are super filling and perfect to tide your babes over until it’s time for a meal stop. Brownies or cookies are great to keep on hand as a special treat when all that time in the car seat starts to be too much. 

10. Beverages

Don’t forget something to drink! Pack reusable water bottles for everyone and you can refill at rest stops along your route. If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, bring mini juice pouches in a cooler to pull out once you're a few hours in. 

You’ve got the snacks, the car is packed, but make sure you check off the most important box – safety. Check out our car seat safety tips before hitting the road to adventure.