Hallows Eve is Coming! A Fun, Safe Way to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

Hallows Eve is Coming! A Fun, Safe Way to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

Let’s be honest. Like a lot of things this year, Halloween is going to look a little different, but you can make it more magical than ever. We’ve been looking for a fun, safe Halloween activity to make the holiday special for kids this year, and we found it (or–her). Introducing… 

Hallows Eve! The mystical creature who’s saving Halloween. She lives in a haunted house in CandyTownwhich is a real placebut she’s not scary. She’s magical and a bit mysterious. She hides candy all over the house and at sunset on Halloween, kids put on their costumes and look for it. 

(Just to be clear, parents, you’re going to have to pick up some candy and do the hiding, but this is the perfect way to keep kids safe while keeping the magic of the holiday alive during a pretty weird year.) 

So, how do you put your house on Eve’s route? 

Step 1: Tell your kids all about Hallows Eve. Read them her tale or listen to it on YouTube.

Step 2: Print out the Trick or Treat Wish List for the youngsters to color in – and write down all the candy their little hearts desire. 

Step 3: Hang the list on the front door or a window so Eve knows where to deliver candy on Halloween. 

Step 4: Let other parents know that Hallows Eve is stopping by your home. Don’t forget to use #HallowsEve on social media and search 'HallowsEve' on Instagram Stories and Snapchat to use GIF stickers.

Step 5: On October 31st, Hallows Eve (aka Mom or Dad) hides candy all over the house, and your littles go searching for it. 

So, pick out your costumes, get on your broomsticks, and let’s make Halloween happen. 

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