7 Trending Baby Nursery Themes

7 Trending Baby Nursery Themes

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Designing the nursery is many parents-to-be's favorite part of their journey to parenthood – second only to meeting their little one, of course. Your baby’s nursery will be the stage for so many important memories and milestones – first smile, first sleep through the night, every time they laugh. Making sure you have a peaceful room that’s decorated in a way you and baby love is important – you’re going to spend a lot of time in there! But finding the perfect nursery theme means wading through endless possibilities to find what calls to you and your family. So, we’ve picked out seven trending nursery themes to get you started on your own nursery mood board. 

Natural Boho

With muted colors, neutral décor, and a touch of whimsy, how can you go wrong with a boho chic nursery? Oh so trendy, you’ll have no shortage of possibilities when picking out your décor. The earthy colors and peaceful accents will create a calm and soothing environment for baby’s first months. 

Reimagined Rainbow

If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve been living in a full rainbow takeover for the last few years. Look for modern, minimalistic rainbow designs and fill your baby’s nursery with a world full of color. 

Sophisticated Seaside

A modern take on traditional nautical décor, sophisticated seaside turns stripes and anchors on its head. Say hello to modern lines and watercolor waves. Soft blues and grays will soothe your baby and keep things gender neutral. 

Tropical Paradise

Flamingos, hibiscus, and palm trees are perfect for parents who want to bring a little bit of the tropics to their baby’s nursery. Does it get more fun than bright pinks and greens? 


Tuck your little one in under a sky full of stars every night. Trade space exploration with rockets and astronauts for the simple beauty of the night sky with constellations – your baby will love the contrast between the dark sky and the bright stars. (Newborns can only see black and white after all.) 

Little Explorer

Turn your little one into a world traveler before they even take their first steps. Incorporate world maps, images of far-off places, and trinkets from your own travels into the design to instill a sense of wanderlust everywhere your little one will look.  

Secret Garden

Bring the great outdoors inside with a garden-themed nursery. Houseplants are a great way to breathe life into a nursery (as long as they’re nursery-safe) and the white, green, and pink accents create a calming and peaceful room for your little one.  

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