6 Tips to Keep Your Stroller in the Best Shape

6 Tips to Keep Your Stroller in the Best Shape

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Once you purchase your stroller, the most thought you probably give it is when and where to use it next. But much like a car, strollers need ongoing maintenance to function at their prime. Keep your stroller in tip-top shape and ready for your next adventure. Here are six stroller maintenance tips to help keep your stroller rocking and rolling. 

1. Clean and lubricate the wheels.

The wheels are the star of the show and need a little TLC every once and a while. They’re constantly rolling through dirt, mud, and sand, so make sure to give the wheels a good wipe down after traversing difficult terrain. If they still won’t get clean, remove the wheels and wash them down until they shine. 

2. Wash the seat pad insert.

Some strollers come with a detachable insert to be used when your child is very little. Maxi-Cosi seat pads are both machine washable and dryer safe, so you can quickly wash and dry and get back to your adventures.  Make sure to check the manual for specific instructions.  

3. Clean the stroller seats.

If your child is like 90% of little kids out there, they’re real messy. When you’re out adventuring, the stroller seat is going to take the brunt of that mess. Spot clean the stroller seat with a damp sponge to pick up any spills – the quicker you get to the mess, the better. Use the small nozzle attachment on your vacuum to get those stubborn crumbs from hard-to-reach crevices once you’re back home. 

4. Protect the stroller frame from the elements.

Your stroller is built to stand up to any weather, but only for a short period of time. Don’t store your stroller anywhere that is too cold, too humid, or exposed to water. When coming back in from a rainy day walk, whether planned or impromptu, make sure to dry off the stroller frame before putting it away. Your stroller (and your floor) will thank you.  

5. Don't exceed the weight limits.

Those weight limits put on the stroller and in the manual aren’t an arbitrary suggestion. Overloading the stroller frame can bend it out of shape and make it unsafe to use. So, while it might see like a good idea to store all your shopping bags on your stroller, it’s better to take a trip back to the car in between. Pay attention to the weight limits for the stroller seat itself, the storage basket, and the cupholder. 

6. Follow proper use.

Your stroller will last longer and stay in better shape if you’re following all the proper guidelines according to the manual. Stroller safety helps you, your little one, and your stroller! Consult your manual for the essential do’s and don’ts for your stroller.