Move with Maxi-Cosi: 5 Stroller Workouts

Move with Maxi-Cosi: 5 Stroller Workouts

Between diaper changes, feedings, playtime, doctors’ appointments, and everything else that comes with raising little ones, making time for you can feel impossible. There’s barely enough time for your morning coffee – how are you supposed to commit to a consistent workout routine? We all know we should. Staying active is self-care, and self-care is minding your mental health, which means a more peaceful environment for your baby. But if we’re being honest, most of the time exercise just doesn’t rank higher than keeping your littles healthy.  

But if you’ve got a stroller, and your baby likes going on walks (what baby doesn’t?), you have a wonderful opportunity already within your reach. Turn strolls around the neighborhood with baby into the perfect 30-minute workout with these five easy stroller exercises. Just don’t forget to warm up and stretch first. 

Interval Walking

Walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then slow your pace to recover for the next 30 – you should still be walking forward, but slow enough for you to catch your breath. Repeat this pattern for five minutes or so to kickstart your workout.  

Lunge Walk

Take long strides, lowering your body until your shin is parallel with the ground. Keep your other leg upright so your knee never extends over your toes. Hold for a few moments and then slowly come back up, always keeping hold of your stroller’s handlebar. 

Stroller Squats

Work your lower body with some squats when you’re ready for a break from walking. With your legs hip-width apart and your hands on the handlebar, push the stroller forward while lowering your body to the ground. Keep your weight in your heels and maintain a ‘sitting’ position. Pull the stroller back to you as you stand back upright.  

Power Walk

You don’t need to walk as hard or as fast as the interval walk but try a more intense pace than just a leisurely stroll. Fast enough to get your heart rate up but not so fast you can’t sing to your baby or say hi to your neighbors. 

Stroller Sit-Ups

With the brakes on (and on a softer surface than pavement), lay down on your back in front of your stroller. Keep your feet on either side of one of the front wheels. With hands behind your head, pull yourself up a few inches off the ground, drawing your belly button in and contracting your abs. Hold the position for a few moments and slowly release to the ground.  

Now it’s time to get your body and your stroller moving. You (and your baby) won’t regret it. 

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