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Types of Strollers

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If you're a parent-to-be with a search history full of fun things like “nipple confusion” and “snot suckers” or that first stroller you bought for your little one just isn't working with your lifestyle or anywhere in between, you're looking to understand all the different types and terms that come with trying to buy a new stroller.

To get you up to speed, we’ve made a list of the types of strollers you’ll come across in the rabbit hole of online shopping!

Standard Strollers

Let’s start with the basics. Standard strollers are what you’ll see most moms strolling around (pun intended) with while they’re out and about. They’re made for a single baby and usually have adjustable straps, a canopy shield for sun and rain, and a storage basket underneath. 

From there, features vary quite a bit. Lightweight models are great for air travel and small storage spaces, while more deluxe models often have more cushioning, extra storage, and a few bells and whistles for mom and dad like cupholders and handy pouches for your phone. 

A lot of standard strollers have the option to become a travel system, and some convert into a carriage or double stroller (more on all that below!).

Travel Systems

Have you ever watched a mom activate ninja-like stealth as she transfers her resting babe from car to stroller without even taking her baby out of the car seat? That showcase of expert-level momming was brought to you by a travel system. 

Travel systems are the all-in-one solution for toting a tiny human along for errands, playdates, and everything in between. They typically come with an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a compatible stroller. A release button or handle on the car seat lets you easily detach it from the base in your car and snap it into your stroller – all (hopefully) without disturbing your mini-me. 

Since most parents plan to use an infant car seat anyway, travel systems are a registry-pick of choice these days.

Double Strollers

We think moms of multiple little ones deserve three things: a medal, a nap, and a double stroller that can actually fit through doors. 

As the name suggests, double strollers are designed for two kiddos. They come in two main seating configurations: side-by-side and tandem (i.e., one seat in front of the other). 

Carriage and Bassinet Strollers

Unless you’re living in Victorian England, you probably never hear anyone use the term “carriage.” However, some standard strollers come with a carriage feature now, and it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s how it works: Little nugget needs a rest while you’re out and about. You recline your standard stroller seat all the way back, and boom! Instant carriage mode on the go. 

Other strollers come with a detachable bassinet that can click into the stroller just like an infant car seat. The downside, of course, is that an entire bassinet isn’t exactly easy to carry around, so you won’t have the option to switch back to sitting upright.

Umbrella Strollers 

These are basically larger versions of the adorable tiny strollers little girls use for their baby dolls. Umbrella strollers are lightweight and easy to open and collapse, but you’ll trade storage room, sun shades, and most other features for that portability. 

When lightweight and easy folding are top priority (we’re looking at you frequent fliers), most moms find that ultra-compact standard strollers are a nice middle ground. You’ll get the portability benefits of an umbrella stroller without sacrificing the features you look for in a standard stroller.  

Jogging Strollers

Ah yes, the faithful companion of fit moms everywhere. Ooor… the product that’s gathering dust in your garage next to those kettlebells. Hey, no judgment.

Thanks to their fancy suspension systems and three-wheel configuration, jogging strollers have top-notch shock absorption and are ideal for the faster, bumpier ride of your afternoon run. Those same features, however, do tend to make them less versatile and tougher to maneuver than standard strollers.

Now that you’ve got the lingo down, you’re sure to have an easier time navigating those guides and choosing the right stroller for your family. Breathe, mama. You’ve got this!